Beginners’ Shape Size Sorter


An interesting wooden toy to help beginners get a solid experience with early learning concepts – grip, placement, color, shape & size.

  • Includes three basic shapes in three different sizes and three primary colors each.
  • Remove all the pieces from the cavity.
  • Let the child first learn to identify the shapes.
  • Then let him identify the colors.
  • Let him get a concept of sizes – from small to big and vice versa.
  • Once done, let him identify the shape of the cavity and then put the respective shape in the correct cavity.
  • You can then call out a color and have him put that color in the correct cavity.
  • Make the toy as advanced and challenging as he progresses but take care of not frustrating the child with the difficulty level.
  • Teaches children about colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Aids in hand & eye coordination, grip, placement and wrist movement.

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Dimension (in mm)



MDF, Non-Toxic Inks


Strong Pouch



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