My Alphabets Cubes Cart


This is one versatile toy! A must have for every child!

  • There are 26 alphabet cubes.
  • Each of the six sides of each cube has a different learning purpose.
  • One side has the alphabet in Capital, the second side in lower, the third side in cursive.
  • The fourth, fifth and sixth sides have an object each that start with the alphabet but all these are spelt out in Capital, lower and cursive respectively.
  • The child not only learns his/her alphabets, he/she also learns visually how they look when written in different forms.
  • Plus they learn three objects that start with them!
  • Additionally, two blank cubes are given with chalkboard surface on which you can write with a chalk. Once your child knows his/her alphabets, make use of these cubes to add to the fun! Write a letter on them and let the child find it.
  • Once the play is done, load the cubes in the cart and take them for a spin!
  • This product is 100% non-toxic and child-safe.


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